Top 5 Free Movie Apps for Android like ShowBox

Top 5 Free Movie Apps for Android like ShowBox

Watching movies via Movie applications is an exciting experience for all the movie lovers. It lets you stream or download unlimited movies and tv shows for free. Certainly, a good internet connection is always a treat for your mobile phones, but once the movies are downloaded you can enjoy them as and when you like.

Indeed, ShowBox HD is an undisputed leader in movie streaming apps. It not only gives you a stock of hundreds of movies and tv shows for free but also lets you watch them on a variety of devices.

Recently, it has been noticed that ShowBox viewers are facing some server issues with the application. Due to this, we thought of giving you the best alternatives available in the digital market for ShowBox.

Apps similar to ShowBox and its alternatives

Although there are many alternatives to be looked upon, very less can give you the same HD quality movies and unlimited stock of tv shows like ShowBox HD. So let’s list down all the alternatives to ShowBox HD.


  1. TubeMate

tube mate

TubeMate is an entertainment based application that provides you movies, tv shows and videos for free. It runs successfully on all platforms; Android, iOS, Windows, PCs and many more. You can easily search for a movie, download it in different resolutions and watch them when you want. TubeMate was the foremost movie application that could provide you with shareable video links.

  1.    MovieBox HD


MovieBox HD enables you to watch latest and old classic movie for free. It has a beautiful user interface that is sufficient to attract people. With MovieBox HD there is no language barrier; users can watch movies in 15 different languages with subtitles of your choice.

  1. Hulu


Hulu is yet another application that streams movies for free. It is the perfect alternative to ShowBox HD. Undoubtedly, it provides you with HD movie quality and a good movie collection to look into. The biggest advantage of Hulu app is that it is compatible with Google ChromeCast for streaming movies on your television screen. Thus, users can watch movies with their family and friends on the big screen.

  1. Videoder


Videoder has been unbeatable till now. While other movie application provide you with basic features, Videoder gives lightening fast downloading speed. This not only allows you to download movies at a faster speed but also save your internet allowance. Videoder also provides you with the same features as ShowBox HD.

  1. Crackle


Crackle is one app that competes with other alternatives with its unique features and attractive user interface. Crackle enables you to list down all the unwatched and watched movies for future references. It is quite an interesting application with a collection of all tv shows and movies from hollywood. Crackle is available for Android and iOS devices.


ShowBox is a very useful application that is leading the way for other alternatives. These applications are the perfect alternatives that can be downloaded on your devices. You all should try them once! or click here to download Showbox.

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