SnapTube for Blackberry Users

With so many apps emerging in the world today, it is quite difficult to keep track of all the apps available. Yet once in a while, an app is launched that will truly revolutionize our lives. One such app is SnapTube, which will change how we access, download and share media. It is a recently launched app that allows users to download videos straight from YouTube into their android smart phones and other hand held devices. Previously, there was software that could allow this and was only compatible with Windows users. But through the SnapTube app, this feature is available to millions of android users on their phones. It allows users to stream and download videos much faster, makes it more convenient and makes media much more accessible for downloads and sharing.


Here is how you can download SnapTube for BlackBerry users;

  1. Blackberry phones have their own operating system which makes the demand for apps low, unlike Android and iOS, where apps come in 2 versions for both operating systems.
  2. With the new Blackberry version, you now have a chance to download android apps on Blackberry by installing Amazon Appstore or by using the APK install file directly.
  3. The APK install file can be downloaded directly through your phone or you can download it on your PC or transfer the file using a USB cable
  4. Once you download the Amazon app store APK, launch it and search for android apps of your choice and install. You may need to turn off the file security setting on your phone and switch on unknown sources. This will allow you to download the file.
  5. The other alternative is to go to using your Blackberry browser.
  6. Look for the apps you would like to install and install the apps directly to your phone

Features of SnapTube app;

  • It is 100% safe, secure and free
  • You have the option of streaming a video or downloading it. Once you select the download feature, you have the choice of selecting video or audio. For video, it you can select a low format option of about 360P and there is an option of high definition formats of 1080P.
  • You have the option of converting a video to audio format and you can choose which MP3 format you would like between from low to high quality formats.
  • You can also stream and download videos from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and other sites like Vimeo and Liveleaks.
  • You can search for any video using key words. Key in a description of your video and a list of options is shared. Select the video of choice and proceed to either watch or download it.
  • There are categories on SnapTube such as most popular, most viewed and it will curate a list and recommend videos for you to view.


Downloading SnapTube app for Blackberry will ensure your YouTube video downloads are fast, secure and convenient.

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