Sephora Launches Chatbot On Kik Messenger

Sephora Launches Chatbot On Kik Messenger

Kik has recently introduced Bots inside the app. Now don’t be alarmed. It isn’t like an apocalyptic doomsday. In fact, it is pretty cool.

With the advancement in natural language processing, technology has been increasingly familiarising itself to us by receiving instructions from speech and text. Raspberry Pi developers have been indulging in it often. And we all know about Siri and Cortana. This is the next step!

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Bots have been developed to cater information as required to the user. You can choose which bots to interact with. And no need to download anything for it either; all of the bots are accessible in the same interface of chats. Isn’t that just perfect?

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What can you do with Bots? Almost everything you’d want to . Chat with them to get information about brands, products and events. The bots are really fun to use. Open a chat with any of them and you can talk to them like you would with a normal person. Bots can read your language and understand what information you’re looking for. And they provide you the information needed in a matter of seconds. Much faster than Googling, I say.

Bots can also do a lot more for you. You can even play games using them (and not the lame kind where the person guesses the number you’re thinking). Apart from that, you can receive makeup tips, funny videos, Gifs and a plethora of other entertainment and information.

The technology has been replicated in Facebook as well. It was almost a race between the two on who will reveal their bots before. After speculations surfaced in early January this year about the inclusion of bot services in the apps themselves, we have been waiting with bated breath. Kik seems to have made the first place. However, let’s see what Facebook’s bots hold and how they figure next to Kik.

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