3 excellent video editors for Mac

3 excellent video editors for Mac

If you are a Mac user you have many video editing options at your disposal. Apple never leaves any stones unturned in creating great applications for its users. Even its app development partners make sure that they create incredible apps. Video editing is fun and can transform the look and feel of the video. You can share these videos with your friends or family or even use them professionally. Here are top 3 video editing apps for Mac.


 There is truly no denying the fact that iMovie for PC is one of the top 3 video editing apps for Mac computers. The app has been created by Apple itself and is totally free. However being free, it still does feature lots of utilities and some really cool functions. First of all, it has an amazing interface which makes things so much easier even for the beginners. Secondly, it has lots of filters, transition effects, and other tools that make your footage so much better. Just try and it and you will know!


This is another wonderful free video editing tool. If you are looking to perform the basic tasks of splicing, trimming, and filtering, this is the right app for you. This app supports a large number of image, video, and audio formats. You can work with DVD videos, AVI, MP4, MPEG and so much more. This is something which is not available with the other video editing apps.


 Blender is a mix of video editing app and also 3D graphics application. It is indeed one of the best video editing app you can get for Mac. You can use this app for rigging, modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing, animating, and so much more. You can also insert animation in your existing video clips for better effects. Learning this app may require a bit of doing but it is totally worth it.

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